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Исполнитель: Deep Purple

Название песни: Call Of The Wild

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Текст песни

Operator Im looking for a girl
Youve got to help me get through
I dont know much about her
So Im relying on you
She got rhythm but no sense of timing
She likes living but shes got no
Operator youve got to get me out of
This mess
Let me tell you about her

She aint got a face
She aint got a name
She aint got a leg to stand upon
Shes out of touch
But not out of mind
And Ive got to see again that gypsy
Operator this is the call of the wild

Shes a hitch hiker never gets a ride
But you can bet shes on time
Shes always around but so hard to
She causes trouble she never takes
Dirty mind a heart of gold
Operator dont you put me on hold

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Deep Purple - Call Of The Wild

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