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Исполнитель: Despectus (вокал - Оксана Элемент)

Название песни: - Angel

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Vocals - Oksana Element! ( )

As I'm soaring in the twilight,
Spolit angel, turbid soul,
I recall and damn my lifeline.
I demand: "Foretell my fall!"

Weak and tremulous my breathing,
Hollow eyes are bleack and black.
Leathered wings I stretch and soar.
I'm an angel, even if dead!

Wicked angel, vicious spirit,
Burnt remains of vanity.
Wicked angel, cursed perfection,
Bringer of obscurity.

Blackened hair, tousled, flapping,
Ragged dress and blackened wing.
On the face instead of smile
Seal of sardonic grin.

Never love, forever vengeance.
Never mind who'll be the first.
Faded paints of my vendetta
Gather strength nourished by curse.

When you run over my poor eyes,
What is written on the face?
Scars of agonies of past life,
Killed by night and my embrace.

Whirling feathers fell and burned,
Barely touching bloody ground.
Dying red eyes now are cold,
On last sight they faded out.

In the other world of nightmare
In the other life and death
We will meet the same despair,
Walking new unknown path.

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