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Исполнитель: devil sold his soul

Название песни: the emptiness

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The Emptiness

This is too much, I’m losing control
The answer is so far from my reach
I don’t know if I can hold onto any of these thoughts
This is my warning, this is my threat
And everytime I look into my eyes I don’t see a thing
The emptiness I harbour in myself means nothing to me
It means nothing and I wont be letting go of whats is left of my dreams

This is not my only focus

My hands are shaking from the thought of this
How does this not bother you?
This is my own fault, for trusting you

I have to know the only answers come from within yourself
Because the wound is growing deeper, I need to know, but never will

I cannot accept the truth
It means that I have no path
I’ve lost control
I know that I’m trusting you,
I know that I can change
I’m fooling myself
This is the end

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Devil sold his soul - The emptiness

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