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Исполнитель: Mellow Mood

Название песни: We a Come

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Дата добавления: 2015-05-30

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Текст песни

For things I told, for things I seh
wish I spoke the truth everyday
so I thank the Lord for I to express
and glory to Jah RastafarI yes
'Cause when I go down through devil of Babylon
bring my self away for so long
but through the eyes of a wise
what seems to be nasty is so beautiful
Jah words, Jah words still linger on
Because I know that you know Jah Jah live
on the road to Zion
Baby you got a don't, got a don't cry alone girl
Jah Jah write another song
Me go so then
Roots we a come, with roots we a come
glorify His coming
But ina a world of sufferings,
of strict kings, man a no stop a war
Jah Rasta feel it all in His soul
man bless their guns and tanks but a lose their worth
playing a dirty game of silver and gold
Dem a chieve their aim without any care
for things they say to be so wrong
But Inite on the Earth we can save ourselves from fall
I know, I know that is for sure

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Mellow Mood - We a Come

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