Слушать OST Гадкий Я 2 - Theme song remix Pharrell with Smiley

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Исполнитель: OST Гадкий Я 2

Название песни: Theme song (remix) Pharrell with Smiley

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Дата добавления: 2015-01-19

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Текст песни

I'm havin' a bad bad day
It's about time that I get my way
Steam blowin' wherever I see,
Huh, despicable me
I'm havin' a bad bad day
If you take it personal that's okay
Watch, this is so fun to see
Huh, despicable me


my name's Smiley, i can't have a bad day
Enthusiastic expectations coming my way
With a smile and a laugh, a chuckle and a giggle
the pressure's getting to me, as i start to squirm and wriggle
Screaming on the inside, but calm on the out
My volume's not too loud, but still i want to shout
Shout it out, out loud, out and throughout the crowd
through a cloud of toxic smoke
I choke
I'm changing!

Change and re-arranged, getting heckled
Jeckyl and hyde
Smiled for a while, monster comes out from inside
can't hide, so i seek
I eat to feed the hunger
Younger desires pull me under
ground through the deep, as I seep and i'm sinkin'
Mind keeps thinkin'
Eyes keep blinkin'
What was i drinkin'
The Smile's flipped around, now a frown up on my face
The Smile has been erased
Despicably Replaced!

been knocked down enough, now it's time to do the knockin'
with a bragadocious, bravado, aint no stoppin' elbow droppin'
Hoppin' along, with a stronger presence and aura
Weasel like demeanor, like Heenan and Pauly Shore
On a quest to rule the world, it's my world domination
transformation to an abominable abomination
Smiley with a smile? That behavior's predictable
I like this way, so sweetly despicable

Despise the despicable
or despicably despise the determination
detrimental effects of dramatiation
the devastation is definitive
broken down to the root of the derivative
decisively imperative, whatever it is
Doing what it takes, until i take what i deserve and desire
like the time machine io made from this busted washer and dryer
flying through the sky, despicable to say
Smiley's gone BYE-BYE!!!!!

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