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Исполнитель: The Hollies

Название песни: Sorry Suzanne

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Текст песни

I can't make it if you leave me
I'm sorry Suzanne
believe me
I was wrong
and I knew
I was all along
forgive me
I still love you more than ever
I'm sorry Suzanne forever
hurting you
you know I never wanted to
I'm turly sorry Suzanne.
I could never ever justify
all the tears
I've made you cry
but I do regret it
My suzanne.
You gotta believe me
I was looking round for someone new
what a foolish thing to do
all the time I knew it
heaven knows
what made me do it
If you would only take me back again
things would be so different then
what I wouldn't give for one more chance
to live for Suzanne.

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The Hollies ~ Sorry Suzanne

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