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Исполнитель: Modern Talking

Название песни: Shery shery lady

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Текст песни

Oh, I cannot explain
Every time it's the same
Oh, I feel that it's real
Take my heart
I've been lonely too long
Oh, I can't be so strong
Take the chance for romance, take my heart
I need you so
There's no time I'll ever go

Sheri, Sheri lady
Going through a motion
Love is where you find it
Listen to your heart
Sheri, sheri lady
Living in devotion
It's always like the first time
Let me take a part

Sheri, sheri lady
Like there's no tomorrow
Take my heart - don't lose it
Listen to your heart
Sheri, sheri lady
To know you is to love you
If you call me, baby, I'll be always yours

I get up - I get down
All my world turns around
Who is right? Who is wrong?
I don't know
I've got pain in my heart
Got a love in my soul
Easy come, but I think easy go
I need you so
Although times I move so slow

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Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady

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