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Исполнитель: musty luxury

Название песни: hello, dear

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Дата добавления: 2015-12-19

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Текст песни

hello, my dear
did u miss me?
it's been a while, i know
but i'm home again

hello, my dear
don't u wanna kiss me?
hey baby why do u turn your back?
u still have no wings
but i do, so

I can take u to the skies
and we can watch the sunrise
and u nod, u say that would be nice
but there's something in your eyes
and i got it:
not today,
not any other day...

u know, my dear
I've never meant to hurt u
but u'd left me here alone
in pain

forgive me, dear
i've almost forgot your name
i thought u're gone forever & nothing ever
can be the same

only mess
only noise
all this chaos
i really had no choise unless to
sell my soul to the under world
so i guess

I stay here..
no-no-no I stay here..

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